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Shinkendo is a comprehensive Japanese swordsmanship system developed by Obata Toshishiro Kaiso, based on historical samurai fighting traditions.

Training encompasses 5 distinct areas of study:

1)  Suburi          Sword swinging techniques
2)  Tanrengata    Kata or solo forms
3)  Battoho         Drawing and cutting
4)  Tachiuchi       Fighting or sparring
5)  Tameshigiri    Test cutting

Students start out learning proper footwork as well as drawing, cutting, and blocking techniques using a light-weight bokato, or wooden sword.  In addition, a heavier, more durable bokato is used for tachiuchi…a type of controlled, prearranged fighting.

As students advance in experience, the Iato, an unsharpened steel sword, is used to learn the necessary skills of drawing and sheathing with a realistic weapon. Additionally Shinkendo training includes test cutting with shinken (real swords) against tatami omote makiwara (rolled up bamboo mats that have been soaked in water).

Students are also taught traditional samurai etiquette, not only for discipline and historical aspects, but to ensure everyone’s safety in the dojo.

The Kikentai dojo is an officially licensed shibu (branch) of the International Shinkendo Federation under founder and directory, Obata Toshishiro Kaiso.

[For more information on Origin of Shinkendo, click here]

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